Clean Water Loans

Loans to replace failing septic systems

Craft3 offers an affordable loan to cover the costs of designing, permitting, installing and maintaining your septic system. You may also use the Clean Water Loan to connect to municipal sewer systems in selected areas.


Eligible property details:

  • Residential properties (need not be owner occupied)
  • Commercial properties
  • You must own the property. If not, please contact us to discuss your project - we will need the property owner to apply with you before the process is complete
  • The building must be a permanent structure connected to your existing septic system (not a fifth wheel, trailer, or RV)

Eligible geographic areas:

  • Jefferson, Mason, Kitsap, Clallam, Pacific and Pierce Counties
  • Vashon-Maury Island in King County: expanded drainage areas impacting Quartermaster Harbor. See a map of new eligible areas

Septic system criteria:

  • One of the following must apply:
    • The septic system must be at least 25 years old
    • The system is failing and you have evidence to support it
    • You have been contacted by Health Officials
    • You are under orders to fix the septic system
How it works
  • Submit a loan application
  • Select your contractor and sign your bid
  • Submit documents for final loan approval
  • Sign your loan documents electronically, nothing to mail
  • Oversee work by your contractor
  • After the work is approved by the county and done to your satisfaction, authorize Craft3 to pay your contractor
  • Convenient loan repayment through ACH to Craft3
  • Enjoy your new system and maintain it properly
Rates & Terms

Residential Properties (owner-occupied)

Annual Household Income Interest Rate Repayment Terms** Example
Up to $35,000 1.99% (2.04% APR) No monthly payments required.** $15,000 loan amount*, no monthly payments for 179 months, then 1 balloon payment of $19,456 due in the 180th month.
$35,001 - $55,000 3.99% (4.36% APR) Monthly interest-only payments.** $15,000 loan amount*, 179 months interest payments of $50.83, then 1 balloon payment of $15,051 due in the 180th month.
Greater than $55,000 4.99% (5.62% APR) Monthly principal and interest payments based on a term up to 15 years. $15,000 loan amount*, $118.58 per month, 15 year term (180 months).

Residential Properties (not owner-occupied, rental or secondary homes)

Interest Rate Repayment Terms** Example
4.99% (5.62% APR) Monthly principal and interest payments based on a term up to 15 years. $15,000 loan amount*, $118.58 per month, 15 year term (180 months).

Commercial Properties - Rates and terms are determined on an individual basis for commercial properties. To find out what rate your commercial property might be eligible for, please contact us.

APR, Annual Percentage Rate
*Loan availability, terms, and conditions current as of 8/1/2015, and are subject to change. Residential property examples include financing of Craft3 $595 Loan Fee. Not all applicants will qualify.
** Principal balance and interest (if applicable) due on sale, transfer, refinance, or maturity. If, after 15 years, homeowner has not sold, refinanced, or otherwise transferred ownership of the property, is in compliance with the loan agreement, and meets relevant lending/program criteria, the 15-year loan period may be extended, at the lender’s sole discretion, for up to an additional five years.


Clean Water Loans help property owners invest in septic system upgrades that enable them to remain in their homes. Properly treated waste water reduces sources of disease and contamination in local waterways. By enabling borrowers to hire local septic professionals, the Clean Water Loan supports small businesses and creates jobs.

As of December 31, 2015, Craft3 has:

  • assisted 591 property owners with failing septic systems
  • provided $13.1 million of work to local contractors
  • treated over 300 million cumulative gallons of waste water
  • contributed to the improvement of local shellfish harvest areas